New Moon Pads!! My full review.


From left to right: Sleeper Ultra (XL), Full Moon Ultra (L), four – New Moon (M), Moon Light (S), four – Elemental Liners

This is a post I have waiting to do for quite awhile now! And I am super excited about it!

I just received a new shipment of pads from Renee McKay @ New Moon Pads, and I’m really stoked that my pad stash is now very well rounded. I feel like now I have enough to get through my whole period without having to wash and re-use so often. I had previously been using just three of her pads, which I had ordered mainly as a test run, along with my menstrual cups, and some old Glad Rags that I have never been a very big fan of.


You’re might be wondering why I don’t like my Glad Rags…

The particular ones I have were purchased quite a number of years ago, and I bought all the organic cotton type. I also only bought the standard “Day” size, plus a few liners. I have found that they are just way too short. Not nearly long enough for me. I am always leaking out the top or the back (or just straight though). I also don’t like the design of them. Glad Rags use a system where you combine an outer holder, with inserts. The idea is that you can add the inserts by stuffing them inside the folds of the holder to customize the amount of absorbency to your flow needs, but in my opinion this is just way too much work. I just want one piece I can snap in and go. Plus, its more parts and pieces to wash.

I have also found that the organic cotton is more difficult to get clean and stains really easily. I can’t speak for their new colored cotton line. I believe that back when I purchased them (circa 2005) plain organic cotton was the only option they offered. Their liners are one piece, but they have the same cleaning issues, and considering their absorbency, they feel rather thick and bulky. I just don’t find them to be comfortable, and I can always feel them when I am wearing them. I feel the same way about the pads. Once I put the two inserts in there, they just feel stiff and bulky and take up a lot of thickness space. I also am not a fan of their full length wings, which I find are difficult to snap around your underwear and just add unnecessary bulk.

Finally, The fact that their pads are the same material both on the front and the back doesn’t give them anything to help stick to your underwear. They tend to shift or slide around from front to back when I am wearing them, so they never quite stay where I need them to.


Now on to the good stuff…

I previously purchased just three pads, to try them out and get me started. I purchased a Full Moon (large), a New Moon (medium) and a Moon Light (small).


From left to right: Full Moon (L), New Moon (M), and Moon Light (S)

I bought the Full Moon in her “Ultra” design, which has an extra barrier of fleece on the sides to help prevent side leaking (which I often have trouble with). I had this pad in mind for sleeping and super heavy days. I also got this one in flannel as the top fabric. The other two I got with cotton as the top fabric, as I wanted to be able to try both options. **I would also like to note here that half the fun in buying and using these cloth pads is the super fun fabric choices! Renee has tons of fabrics to choose from in both cotton and flannel!Β I bought all three sizes with wings (I tend to prefer wings, just in general) She also makes all of her pads in a wingless version, for those that prefer that. I haven’t tried the wingless myself, but I can pretty much guarantee you, despite the lack of wings, those suckers will NOT shift or move around on you. The special fleece that lines the back of the pads, which also serves as its leak-proof barrier, is just perfect for making the pad “stick” to your underwear. So you don’t have to worry about that!

As far as size selection, what I did personally, was I measured my Glad Rags (which I knew were too small) and then based what I ordered off of that. I also measured a couple of standard disposables. I went with a selection that was generally longer than the Glad Rags and closer to my disposables. That trick worked really well, and I ended up getting exactly what I needed. **Renee has detailed size measurements for all her pads, so it takes out all the guess work. I have looked at other cloth pad websites (which will remain nameless..) that don’t even tell you the measurements?! They just have names like “light”, “medium” or “overnight” but it tells you nothing about the length or width. I had nightmares about ordering an “overnight” pad and getting something like 9″ long….


I decided after my first period with New Moon Pads that personally prefer the feel of the flannel as the top fabric. I feel like it “wicks” a little better. It seems like it pulls moisture away from your skin, slightly mores than cotton, so you feel a little drier when you are wearing them. Flannel does tend to feel just slightly warmer. (but in Chicago in the winter, that is not a concern. We need all the warmth we can get!) I don’t really feel like this is going to be too much of an issue once summer comes, just because it’s not really that much warmer.. But if it is, I may just end up ordering a few more pads in cotton. I really loved the Ultra design! It did exactly what it said it would do, and prevented side leaking. It also worked great as an overnight pad. The Full Moon (L) is quite sizable, and was able to hold a lot of flow. I found the Moon Light (S) to be perfect as more of a cup backup. I used it on my lighter days and it worked really well for that. For anything heavier than that though, I needed to jump up to my New Moon (M) pad.


For my recent order, I decided to expand my pad stash with an Ultra Sleeper (XL) pad (flannel with wings), three more New Moon (M) pads (all flannel with wings), and *four Elemental Pads (*sold in packs of 2) in cotton with wings.

I figured since I used the Moon Light pad (S) as a cup backup, I could accomplish the same with less bulk by going with her elementals, which are more like liners. They don’t have the fleece, leak-resistant backing. Since I haven’t had any issues with my cups leaking, I figured it would be a good trade off.


Moon Light vs. Elemental Liner


from left to right: Elemental Liner, standard flat disposable liner, ultra thin compact disposable liner


four Elemental Liners, last one shows the backside fabric

I ordered three more of the New Moon (M) because I feel it was the most well-rounded pad for me. It was the one I ended up using the most often. It seemed to be just the perfect length for what I needed.


four New Moon (M) pads, the last ones shows the fleece, leak-reistant backing


four New Moon (M) pads, first one is cotton topped and shows wings open, other three are flannel and wings are closed in front

I chose to go up to a Sleeper (XL) because I wanted the extra coverage in the front and back for overnights.



closeup of one of my flannel topped New Moon (M) pads, showing stitching

The construction and quality of Renee’s pads is outstanding. The stitching is perfect and holds up really well to repeated washing and wear. They are super easy to care for. I found washing to be a breeze. My previous post about cloth pads discusses my laundering practices in full detail, but it’s worth stating again, that all it takes with these is a little rinsing and soaking to get them good as new. I have worn these pads on my heaviest days, and I have never once leaked through the fleece backing. It’s actually kind of remarkable.

I pretty much love everything about New Moon Pads, but if I had to choose just one thing that is my favorite part about them, it would be how soft and comfortable they are. I think that some women have concerns about cloth pads being bulky, and that would be hard for them to get used to. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that is not the case. In the photos below you can see how thin they actually are. It’s amazing to think that something that thin can absorb all of your flow, but it really does. That comes down to quality of materials and fabric choices. Renee’s pads only use the highest quality fabrics and they really do the job!


showing thickness of Elemental Liner


showing thickness of New Moon (M)

showing thickness of Full Moon Ultra (L)


from top to bottom: Elemental Liner, New Moon (M), Full Moon (L)

I just love the feel of cloth pads. I think there is nothing else like it. Once you try them you will never want to go back to those icky synthetic disposable pads. Compared to my cloth pads (there really just is no comparison) they feel stiff, itchy, and just gross to me. ** I did take some photos of my New Moon Pads next to traditional disposable pads, just so that you could see the size comparison. The disposables I used for the photos is a “Regular” (yellow backing) and a “Heavy” (green backing).


New Moon (M) vs. a “Heavy” disposable


Sleeper Ultra (XL) vs. “Heavy” disposable


Moon Light (S) vs. “Regular” disposable


From left to right: “Heavy” disposable, Full Moon Ultra (L), New Moon (M), “Regular” disposable.


When I am out on the go, I like to keep a spare menstrual cup, Β spare pad and a few wipes with me at all times. I use a small makeup pouch type carrying case for all my necessities. I find that the New Moon Pads fold up really nicely for packing into my little pouch. If you fold the top and the bottom of the pad into the center and then just fold the wings over them and snap them together, you can make a nice little bundle out of the pad. Very discreet and easy to carry in your pocket or wherever you need to.


comparing the footprint of a standard compact folded liner, and my folded Elemental Liner


an Elemental Liner folded into a nice little package for travel


how to fold your pad for when you’re on the go


showing thickness of a pad folded for travel


on the right: a New Moon (M) pad folded for travel, on the left: an Elemental Liner folded for travel


The website for New Moon Pads is very user friendly. It’s nicely designed, easy to navigate and very informative. She has lots of great links with helpful info about Cleaning, Cost Savings and Health Info, FAQ’s, Testimonials, plus Links and Other Fun Stuff

I also really dig this cute little info packet that came with my order. It’s got cleaning tips, a size reference guide, and other useful info, all on one card. I also got a tea bag with each of my two orders!







Through New Moon Pads and Days for Girls, you can donate pads to women and girls in need. New Moon donates a pad for every order over $99, or you can just purchase pads to be donated directly. I also think its really nice the way she acknowledges those who have donated right on her website!



Wing attachments on back: Sleeper (XL), Full Moon (XL) vs. wing attachments on side: New Moon (M)


showing backside wing attachments on both Sleeper Ultra (XL) and Full Moon Ultra (L)


back side of Ultra Pad showing wing attachment vs. Standard (non-ultra) pad


showing size comparisons one on top of the other. from top to bottom: Elemental Liner, Moon Light (S), New Moon (M), Full Moon (L), Sleeper (XL)


from left to right: Sleeper (XL), Full Moon (L), New Moon (M), Moon Light (S), Elemental Liner


all my New Moon Pads stacked up! from top to bottom: four Elemental Liners, 1 Moon Light (S), 4 New Moon (M), 1 Full Moon (L), 1 Sleeper (XL)

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “New Moon Pads!! My full review.

  1. Thank you thank you for your excellent review of these! I’ve been browsing cloth pads for a bit and your post is the most helpful review I’ve seen so far I just ordered some pads from New Moon! I’m so excited about them, I am already looking at what I want to order next!!!

    It was so helpful to see the sizes of them stacked up together, the back and front, the sizes next to one another, etc. Thanks for taking the time to do such a good job – I appreciate it must have been time consuming!

    What did you do with you disposables after switching? This is my biggest question now.

    • I actually ended up donating most of my leftover pads and tampons to a women’s shelter. I also took some with me on a medical mission to India where we donated hundreds of pounds of supplies to the people we served there.

      • awesome! that’s great! I think I will do the same with mine. I just got my first cloth pads (New Moon) in the mail and am very excited about it! I am already plotting which ones to order next…

      • Hi Theresa,

        In addition to reading this blog post, I have watched your YouTube review of New Moon and your other cloth pad related videos. You do such a great job and I so appreciate all the detail and information you provide as well as your honesty. Thank you thank you! I am brand new to cloth pads and your videos and this review have been super helpful to me. Not sure how many times exactly I have watched/read your stuff.. but it’s a lot!

        I was just wondering if you could expand a bit on the ultra pads. They look very thick and I’m wondering.. do they feel stiff? are the gusseted ridges uncomfortable because of their extra thickness? do they still conform to your body?

        Also when you were going through your whole stash, you mentioned that you recommend getting the elemental liners with wings because without the fleece backing they don’t stay put quite as well. How significantly do they shift? (I’m asking because I tried a free sample from Party in my Pants and they use a slippery nylon backing and it shifted a lot. I had to keep going to the bathroom to re-position it. I’m thinking the flannel would shift less but I’m wondering how much it shifts in comparison to her other pads).

        Finally, I was wondering what you would recommend in terms of buying an initial set. I am going to buy one of each size so that I can get an idea for how each size fits and which work best for me. Do you recommend trying them out when I’m on my cycle or is a dry run (wearing them when I’m not on my period) enough? I know a dry run would give me a sense of how it feels and the length, but do you think it’s important to test them out on my period (to get a more complete sense of them in terms of bleeding patterns and flow and anything else) before buying more sizes?

        I apologize for the length of this comment but appreciate any insight you can offer. Once again.. thank you!

      • Hi Raquel,
        Ultra pads: no, they are definitely not stiff or anything. They are just as soft and comfortable and conform to the shape of your body just as well as the others do πŸ™‚
        Liners: I do still recommend the liners with wings because they kind of need the wings to help keep them in place. The liners have a flannel backing. However the regular pads that have a fleece backing stay in place without wings just fine. They don’t shift around at all. The only thing I have found is that without wings they may bunch up a little bit in the middle on you, where your thighs press together. Wings sort of hold them down and around your underwear, but it’s still not a deal breaker for me. I still like them a lot. Both with or without wings. I think that if there is some reason why you really really don’t want the wings, I still think the flannel is going to stay in place a heck of a lot better than nylon. However, I don’t actually own any liners without wings so I can’t say with 100% certainty. I would say try them. I think they might still stay put nicely for you.
        Dry run: I think it is absolutely critical to do a real test run when you are on your period. A don’t ever even bother with dry runs. There is going to be a very unique way that your flow goes onto the pad. I think the idea of buying one of each size is a great idea, but then try them on your period because the length and width and everything all makes a huge difference. Me for example, I have a whole bunch of long pads that I never wear now, because I only bleed right into the center, so I don’t need any length, I just need more width, so Rene made me some custom ultra pads that are wider and shorter and they work great!!
        Good luck!!!

      • Thanks for your response! I went ahead and bought several sizes which should arrive just in time for my next cycle! I’m excited to try them and order more based on what I need. Just to clarify, I like wings and planned on ordering everything in wings. I just wasn’t sure if the liners which are only backed in flannel would still shift a bit, even with the wings (I wouldn’t order them without wings, though, because I prefer wings and feel more comfortable having them). I have already tried one of her pads with fleece and can attest that those don’t shift, but even still, I still like having the wings! Anyway, thanks again! Through your videos, blog, etc. you have been very helpful as I begin this transition to cloth.

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